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The story of how the Bead Sisterhood came about was one of reaching out and making connections. It started when Cindy introduced herself on a US based jewelry making forum and wondered if there were other Canadian members. It just so happened that another Canadian, Pearl, happened to see her post and replied. Imagine how surprised they both were when they learnt they lived in the same general area! Soon, Cindy introduced her sisters, Tamara and Millie. Then Susan, who attended Pearl's workshops, joined.

So here is a quick look at who we are:

Pearl, aka as the Beading Gem has always crafted and loves making things. When she stumbled upon jewelry making, she got hooked. Soon this beadaholic began to teach beginner beading at home parties and workshops. She has now become an avid blogger. Her blog, The Beading Gem's Journal chronicles all the beader designs from the parties and workshops as well as other inspiring designs. She also writes informative and entertaining articles on all things jewelry related.

Millie has added jewellery making to her list of other handmade creations. Wirewrapping with sterling silver and gold filled wire is her passion. Chain maille, beading, wire crocheting all come in as a close second. Now retired, there is more time for creating and the life-long quest for learning in general.

Cindy can thank Millie for getting her involved with jewelry making (amongst other things)!!! She loves every part of jewelry making and is always trying new things and looking for new courses. Her very favorite things are accumulating the “beauties” and ringing in the sales!!!

Susan is a passionate jewelry enthusiast who has a fondness for bracelets and usually wears more than one piece of "arm candy". She gets inspired from everything from what's in her laundry basket, to colours in nature and the latest jewelry and fashion trends. Her love of gemstones and electic design ideas nurtures her creativity. Susan likes to joke with her Bead Sisters who remind her that making a necklace is simply making a long bracelet!

Tamara has had a long-standing love affair with art and jewelry which includes an impressive collection of vintage sparkles. Several years ago, she made some necklaces as Christmas gifts and was incurably bitten by the beading bug. It wasn't the actual beading that got Tamara, it was the reactions of the women who tried on her pieces. Those are her magic moments.


leepets January 6, 2010 at 5:23 AM  

I love the necklace featured on the right hand of your page by "TAMARA" ..is this one of a kind or do you have another to sell?

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