Vintage crystal bead jewelry makeover

>> Sunday, August 9, 2009

Today was the first time we almost made a client cry. In a good way. She had come to pick up several pieces of jewelry we made over from her mother's triple stranded AB clear crystal necklace. She was clearly pleased.

It wasn't really her style so Bonnie and Pearl overhauled the necklace and did a complete jewelry makeover so she could wear it. The triple strand yielded so many beads we were able to make several pieces for her with some beads left over!

Bonnie made the bracelet above. The bracelet was just lovely but the photo wasn't as it was hastily taken with a cell phone camera before the client arrived. None of us remembered to bring a camera. Fortunately Pearl did photograph her designs before the were turned over. The designs were based on what the client wanted and preferred to wear.


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