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>> Sunday, April 17, 2011

The first lesson I have learned about blogging is it isn't as easy as jotting down a few thoughts and off you go.  Well, that might work for some but they don't have my loving "sisters" editing and giving constructive input. Just kidding - couldn't live without them.

The second lesson was how kind and sharing people are to someone they don't even know but who shares a common interest.

As I said in my earlier post I have been exploring the internet looking for images that would take us through the years and that I could share. With jewelery it is truly about the look and "feel".  Not being able to provide the "feel" left me with the visual and I wanted to have good quality pictures that could almost give you the "feel" of the piece. 

Then reality struck..."copyright"-  ooops - almost forgot about that.  After consulting with my wise "twin" sister Pearl, I realized that there would indeed be more work and planning to this new venture than I had thought.  Oh, and did I also mention learning curve because I am the least computer literate of the bunch and my spelling and grammar is questionable.

So back I go with more insight and direction on how I could accomplish my goal.  One of the suggestions was to contact the person(s) who's image I wanted to use and ask permission.  So back I go to refind the picture's owner and then email them explaining my mission.  To be truthful I didn't expect to get a quick response or a response at all.  Boy was I wrong ..within a short period of time I had not one response, but two.

So I now can share with you not only the images but a direct link to their websites that will cover all the years and more in regards to the evolution of jewelry.  It also saved me a great deal of time because everything I was going to explore and share is there for all to see and explore. Just be warned that there is so much to see and learn on their sites that you will need at least two cups of your favorite beverage.

Drum roll..............

1940's Louis Stern 12ktgf Bow Bracelet with Red Stones

1940's Goldtone Rhinestones and Pink and Blue Plastic Cab Crown Pin

The images above were kindly shared by Charlotte  from Collectible Jewels

Charlotte has also shared newsletters that she has done over several months and has been kind enough to let me use information from them as welI.  I  will hopefully be able to share that information here later.

Now on to our next kind lady who is from Illusion Jewels. Here is a sample of her "40's" beauties :

Aurora Borealis Earrings Clipbacks

On these two sites you will find pieces from all of the years that I wanted to cover in this series of blogs therefore I will move on to another subject.  Let me know your favorite year and style.

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